Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ski Bunny

So one of the great advantages of living at a ski resort is that my kids have many opportunities to have some specialized lessons. My 7-year old Alli has grown leaps and bounds this season. She is doing moguls and is even catching air on the jumps at the terrain park.
Alli is the youngest kid on the Sunrise Park Resorts A-team. There were some pictures posted of her skiing on Fox 3 News in Phoenix this past week. I'm SO proud.

The team didn't have enough sponsorship to go to the nationals in Steamboat Springs this year but her coach said she would have done fantastic. I am SO grateful for the opportunities that have happened for our kids while living here. Look out Lindsay Vonn here comes Alli Schroder to the Winter Olympics!!

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Darci said...

That is so awesome!! Did she get that talent from her mama?