Friday, February 26, 2010

New Jewelry Box

Well this has been the top of my dresser for months now. Trying to find an earring and dumping everything out and sorting through bags and detangling things and finally just chucking everything and leaving with no earrings on (a crime!) I asked for a new jewelry box for Christmas and... nothing. Waited until Valentine's Day and... nothing. Finally I said if I want something I just need to get it MYSELF! And therefore I did!
I love my new jewelry box so much that I could just French kiss it. No more detangling necklaces and sorting through to find matching pairs. It is so dreamy!

I gave my daughter my old one and she asked if she could have this one after I died and I said, of course, Why not! I am a simple girl and simple things make my happy. Now I need MORE, and MORE jewelry to fill it.


jen morgan said...

It is a super dreamy jewelry box! I love it, and I love even more that you just bought what you wanted yourself. Sometimes you end up with the best stuff that way!

PriceLess Moments said...

I understand about buying stuff for yourself...good job!

lovejoys said...

I totally agree with Jen. Ted would not have picked out what you wanted or needed anyway so this way you get what you want. I just can't believe you need a jewelry box that big. I am so deficient in the girly stuff like jewelry and bows for little girls. Now I have 2 girls and I am clueless. You were always much more girly than I ever was. Those alternative high school years have really bit me in the butt. I do like that jewelry box though, it is nice.

Diane said...

That would be great to have. My brother got one for his wife and hers is bursting at the seams already. I'm sure it won't take long to fill it completely.