Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First-Born Alli

I need to acknowledge my first born since she is VERY responsible, VERY sweet and is just the best daughter and big sister ever!
My big girl Alli riding the train with little Makenna
Her gymnastics performance. She was AMAZING!!

I had to show a picture of her tricky hair-do!

And, YES, she got to wear makeup. She was so excited.

Unfortunately she is at the weird tooth stage where they are growing in and she looks strange. She even pointed out that she looks like Mater. You will grow into your teeth my dear, just wait.

For crazy hair day I put some wires in her braids to make them stick out. I think she took them out at school, they were piercing the skin and didn't feel so great.


Darci said...

She is so adorable and so grown up. I can remember seeing her for the first time when we stopped in Moab to visit on my move out to Illinois. She was just a baby then!

Diane said...

Super impressive ski bunny! Wouldn't that be awesome to see her in the Olympics!

You know, we all went through the "Mater" stage. I guess it's nice that everyone in her grade looks like Mater too. =)