Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Stitches Boy

Went to visit some family in California this past week and Ryker had a mishap. Just running around a friend's house and right smack into a wall. Of course we all just thought it was a bloody lip until I looked closer and could see all the way through to his teeth.
The doctor gave him a little druggie to calm him so that they could sew him up, yep he fell right to sleep.

2 stitches inside and 5 outside. I figured he would be our first kid with stitches he is certainly the wildest and craziest one.

I also had to post the funny video of him all drugged up on Versed. Look at his crazy loopy eyes and his crazy giggle. It was so funny!

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Allred's said...

so funny to watch his eyes roll and hear his little laugh. He is such a cutie