Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 'N' Stuff

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Some friends came over last night and we had dinner over at the resort and than came back to our house for fun games. We ran over to the lodge at midnight to dance and party with the hotel guests. It was pretty fun!

My girlie Alli playing in the snow on Christmas day and watching the snowplows dig out our driveway.

I don't know what Santa was thinking but he brough some 4-wheeler 90's for the kids. I guess he had some extra room in his sleigh this year.

yep Porter's a boy and he loves anything with wheels that moves makes noises and flies.

Oh to be able to get 1 picture of them looking forward is a miracle. Don't you just love matching pj's

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jen morgan said...

I love your little monkeys in the monkey pj's! And I have that cute sweater from target in brown & green, it's my FAVE!! Happy New Year! xox