Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Little Skibunnies!!

My little 3-year old boy had his first ski lesson today and he did just awesome! We took off his skis and he cried and said no I want to go to the top. My girl Alli just skis circles around everyone else. I am so proud of them they are such tough and adventurous kids and I just love them to pieces.


Andersons said...

Wow - 3 years old? That's impressive!! They're super cute Kathy. :-)

kristal said...

Kathy, I came across your fam blog from Raysha's. Your kids are freaking adorable! Porter's little birthday pictures are soo cute. Love his spikes. Um, I'm kinda mad I came across this picture, but guess I would since you own or whatever Sunrise. My husband is begging me to go skiing with him everyweekend. I finally took them (Jase and the kids) sledding/tubign last weekend as I went shopping in Flag, but he's bound and determined to get me on the slopes. I suck though! This is a way cute shot though, and makes me wanna go get my kids in their ski clothes and take pictures..haha!