Monday, January 5, 2009

Tooth Fairy Are You Really There???

So my girlie Alli has been losing lots of teeth lately. She lost her bottom one last Sunday on our way to church and than she lost the top one yesterday on our way to church again. (I don't understand the church connections but there must be one) Alli kept playing with her big top tooth all day and of course I kept reminding her not to play with it too much and of course when nighttime came she lost it and we couldn't find it to give to the tooth fairy. She tearfully sat down to write this note and hoped that the tooth fairy would be merciful. Of course the tooth fairy was great and apparently found her tooth that night and gave it back to her. I am sure that she will be more careful next time.


Allred's said...

What a nice tooth fairy, she really knows how to take care of us.

Andersons said...

I always thought the tooth fairy was a Ms.

Huh. :-)

kelly said...

This is so sweet. Now I know what you meant when you said you were writing a note from the tooth fairy on Facebook. You are a great mom. I love that handwriting of Allis. I miss you guys. If you can, you should come up and visit Connie at the end of Jan. so I can see you guys and we can have a fun get together. I will be in Utah from Jan. 29-Feb. 5 with Carley. I would love to MEET Ryker. Love you guys!