Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cabin Fever!!

Well today is our third no school snow day in a week and I have had it!!! The problem with this is that we can't get into town at all and I've still got Christmas junk to get done!! I am started to say "Red Rum" in my sleep and the snow is starting to form crazy images. I mean snow is good for our ski resort but I am going banana sandwich. Help me!


Allred's said...

Okay, what can I do to help....I am here for you but I can't get out of my garage!! So what should we do???

Los Bluemels said...

Well I would say order online but deadlines are fast approaching and if you can't get to town I guess UPS can't get to you. You might start shopping for a snow machine so your not stranded, make sure your food storage is stocked because this is just the beginning of the season. Make some hot cocoa or a snow angel and enjoy the time with your kids watching/reading christmas stuff. Cross Country skiis might be cheaper but if I recall its a bit of a jaunt to town for you, so maybe not. Good Luck

Heather's Blog said...

I'm going banana sandwich as well and I've got most of my shopping done! You make me laugh. There's so much snow here. We live in the Arctic. We had to cancel our trip to Boise (flying) this weekend because of the snow!