Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ryker's 1st Birthday

Oh how the time goes and he is 1 and I no longer have any babies. It is sad but there are always more fun times to be had. We invited some friends over for Ryker's b-day and had some dinner and cake and ice cream. It's gotta be simple what does a 1-year old know anyways. He was our first child to actually dig into the cake and eat it, which we loved. He has a bit of a temper so I had to keep throwing it on his high chair. So fun, wish more family could live closer so that we could share fun times with them.


Darci said...

Your cake turned out really cute. I know how it is not having family close. Happy Birthday Ryker!!

jen morgan said...

Yay! Happy Birthday baby! Looks like fun times.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Ryker! (My Elyse just turned 1 yesterday - it is a little sad, sniff!)