Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddy's and other such Nonsense

Well we awoke to a splendid surprise, that crazy leprachaun had come to our house in the night and scattered all of his coins in the kids bed, bedroom, and all down the stairs. The kids got to keep them and they were shocked!! Leprachauns really DO exist!!

Of course green everything which Porter really enjoyed, he gulped down the milk and pancakes rather quickly. Alli was much more reluctant and thought that the green pancakes and milk tasted really badly.
We have a new toy at our house and myself and the kids are hooked! Our friend is letting us store it in our house for awhile but we are hoping that he might forget about it and maybe we'll have it forever. Alli is starting to kick some serious tail at it and I am getting pretty good myself. I hope I don't wake up with the claw hand from too much Pac-Man playing.
Our little doggie Fat Boy is starting to poop in the house more and more lately. Alli and I usually trade off cleaning up his droppings but just lately Porter has decided that it is so much fun to do so he has taken over. I love this picture he looks like his is inspecting the poop.

He is my little helper boy and he does such a great job.


Allred's said...

Is porter picking up the last piece he missed with his hand???? yuck.....anyway, the new toy looks super fun and I wish I would have thought of some clever Ideas, since we don't have school this week, I completely spaced the fact that it was st. patty's.....I am going to have to get on it.

jen morgan said...

At least you didn't make green eggs & ham, I saw some photo's of that today and it looked naaaaasty. We just had cupcakes with green frosting from the bakery that turned our teeth green today.
And yeah, I'd be all kinds of addicted to that game. Fun stuff.