Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love to See the Temple

Recently in the news I read that the HBO show "Big Love" was going to show the endowment ceremony from the temple in one of its episodes. I felt that it was a really bad tacky call and than just forgot about it. I happen to flip on the televison on the EXACT channel at the EXACT second that it was on. I was frozen in place and I did watch 10 minutes of it. It isn't just the fact that they were showing it but the lack of respect for somebody else's beliefs. It's not like there is some crazy nudity going on (even though some people think that we do that in temples) it is the fact that we consider it sacred. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Jewish, or whatever if someone considers something sacred we should all respect that. I do feel that I can be an open-minded person on some things I just hope that we all as friends, neighbors, and co-workers and the general population can find a way to just respect everyone's beliefs. I know that I am working on myself all the time and I slip up.... I was just having these thoughts and feeling a little depressed by how desensitized we have all become. I hope that we can all strive to become more understanding of everyone's differences.