Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Porter My Workin' Boy

Well it started January 1st. We had a family home evening lesson on goal setting and Porter finally finished his job chart today!! He was so excited to get his reward "Mater"from the movie Cars. He has been battling pottytraining but I am thinking (fingers crossed) that he has finally got it down. Alli is close behind on her job chart and she is pretty excited about her reward as well. I am so proud of them.

I also had to post this quick funny video. We went swimming and than Porter came into my room to watch me fold laundry and he fell asleep. He wakes up briefly during this video but than fell right back to sleep. He is such a sweet boy.


Mrs. T said...

Awwww - was his nose flat when he woke up??? I remember these days...how sweet! Cherish the days when you are still able to motivate them with a $1.99 car!

Andersons said...

Porter looks like a mini-Ted. I love it! :-)