Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Bag Balm Boy

I put my little 3 year old Porter to bed tonight and than went downstairs for some much needed peace. I started to hear some serious giggling and went upstairs to find him covered in that nasty Bag Balm stuff that comes in a green tin can. It was in his hair his clothes and covering everything on his chest of drawers as well. I tell ya I don't know what to do with kids they are freakin crazy. I put him in the shower for like ever and scrubbed him down but he is still a greasy monkey it just won't come out at all!! He is too cute though so it was hard to be super mad at him but I did my best.


Mrs. T said...

HELLO!!! Colton did this MANY times! I would put him down for a nap...come to check on him and he would be in the middle of the floor with the GIANT CAN of bag balm all over the place! The worst was that he would smear it in the carpet...NOT GOOD!! It is known for keeping moisture out...and so does not respond to water when you are trying to clean it up! I had a huge grease spot on the carpet in his room that I would keep cleaning....and it would keep collecting dirt! NASTY!! I am sooooooo glad to see that my child is not the only one that did that....but he was like 1 when he pulled it off!

Tiff G. said...

Yummy bag balm, it smells so good too :)! The video was hilarious with the balm actually dripping from his forehead!!!
thanks for the laugh and reminder that my kids aren't the only crazy ones!
Come down and defrost!

Darci said...

How cute is he!! That video is so funny. You are an amazing mom for handling it so well.

Allred's said...

So Nasty, what a little turd boy you have, I seriously can't believe that, it's everywhere. I love his face when he is smiling and you say, "lets go through you in the snow," he instantly frowns. It's classic. Good luck getting all that off. Maybe roll him around in the dirt and then shower him off. who knows