Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

Of course the yearly tradition of the pumpkin patch. Kids screaming from the wind and getting tired and needing to be carried through the corn maze. It was still fun though. We have an itty bitty pumpkin for Ryker and Porter thinks that it is his. Porter also tried desperately to carry a large pumpkin but alas he couldn't carry it far and was disapointed in himself.

We made Pumpkin shaped Sugar Cookies and Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and delivered them to neighbors tonight. The kids just loved it and now my house smells like pumpkin and nutmeg. Yum!!

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jen morgan said...

Yay! I love all of this! The pumpkin patch looks so fun! We need to go get our pumpkins soon. I love the video, how did your cookies turn out? Lucky neighbors...