Monday, October 13, 2008

Ice Cream, Popsicles, and Pudding!

So during the past few months when Alli had some health problems her tonsils got crazy big. They were touching in the back and she was snoring like crazy and gagging on her food. So out they came. She did great and wasn't scared a bit. She has been running around ever since and is begging for chips but she won't get any. The nurse let her see them and she thought that was cool too. By the way the blue popsicle that you see in the picture, she threw that up on the wasy home. Blue vomit is awesome!!


jen said...

Wow. Alli sure has had quite the year. Sometimes I think I want my tonsils out, but I hear it's way worse as an

Amy Allred said...

I can't believe how quickly she has recovered or is recovering. She is one tough cookie. Must take after her mommy.