Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ring-Tailed Cat Cutie

Living in the woods I have all kinds of critters on my porch like raccoons, squirrels, and fun hummingbirds. The other night I heard some racket on the porch, flung the door open and saw a raccoon tail scampering off, until it turned around and looked at me. I stared right up at this little guy up in the rafters and said "What in the world are you"? I have lived in Arizona for almost 5 years and have never seen this little guy. A ring-tailed cat. He is so stinkin cute and he comes around every single night. I stood on the porch and talked to him in the rafters for awhile and he kept thumping his tail at me which I think means get outta here! He is super and he looks a lot like that little crazy guy in Madagascar. Anyways we have named him Kevin and he is our new pet.


jen morgan said...

oh my gosh! i love it. kevin is my new favorite!!!

Allred's said...

This is so awesome! And that guy on fb thought you were seeing things. Now you have proof! He really is cute