Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quick Rundown

My little Porter turned 4 on November 28. He got a super great bounce back racer and a big dinosaur that growled from Grandma. He is just the greatest.
We spent Thanksgiving with my parents at the senior retirment park in Yuma, AZ and you know what that means. BINGO BABY!!! I played and had a blast.

On the way to Thanksgiving we checked out the Phoenix zoo with some of our friends.

Of course we went to the opening of New Moon. Ahhh Jacob you are so lovely!!

We are people who get the tree done fast and early, before Thanksgiving. We even cut down our own this year and the kids loved it.

Went flying up to northern Utah for Halloween where of course our family was The Wizard of Oz theme. I thought we were pretty stinkin cute and my husband was a great sport.

Flying Monkey, Dorothy, and the Lion

Pumpking Patch in Snowflake

My scary little creatures.

We have 11 kids that live at the Sunrise Park Ski Resort with us so of course we had a Halloween party. Cookie decorating, Hocus Pocus, and dancing to strobe light.


Allred's said...

Happy Birthday Porter!!!! Love all the pics and the quick update!

jen morgan said...

Cute cars cake!! We love cars at our house too, and there aren't even any boys under 30 here. ;)
I love all the pics, especially the Halloween ones. It was the highlight of my night when you piled out of your van dressed like that.

Andersons said...

I love that picture of you and Jacob. Although, you do realize he's jail bait, right?

Diane said...

Love the OZ themed costumes!