Monday, August 31, 2009

Porter's Haircut

This is what happens when I left Porter alone with scissors, he took a HUGE chunk out of the front of his hair and well.... therefore its all gotta come off!
He never usually cries when getting his hair cut but this time he was in trouble so it was a different story.

Ending on a high note we cut his hair on the front porch and human hair keeps away skunks (yep thats a tip from me to you)


Allred's said...

boys or girls with scissors, it's all bad news. But look how great he looks. You have adorable kids.

lovejoys said...

Yes and if you take the hair and mix it with peanut butter you can kill any pesky rodent: racoon, skunk, squirrel, chipmunk, you name it. You can also use hair out of your brush to mix with the pb. Just a little trivia for you all.