Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alli's First Day of 2nd Grade

My girl Alli started 2nd grade on August 12. We switched to Round Valley school district this year because they decided to send a bus up to our resort and it would save me ENDLESS hours of driving. She was very excited and of course nervous but her best friend Ashley is in Mrs. Udall's class with her and that makes everything better. It was so nice that Ted was able to give her a blessing to begin her school year. It was a great tradition in my family and I know that it will bless all of our children as they enter a new school year.

I had to show her first lunch on her first day of course!


lovejoys said...

That is one big backpack for one little girl. I can't believe school is already starting. Isn't it a little early? We don't start here until after Labor Day.

Allred's said...

That looks like a really delicious lunch!! She looks great in her new outfit and with her new backpack. I bet she felt really special!!