Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots of Posts!!

Our primary took a trip to the Snowflake temple and the temple president spoke to us. We heard in the latest conference from President Monson that if you touch the temple (even children) the temple will touch us and so we wanted our primary children to have that opportunity.

My girl Alli touching the temple

Porter touching the temple

Alli wanted to take some pictures and of course I was the model.
I was such a bookworm as a child and I read in the tops of trees, while walking down the road and anywhere else (obviously). I know that it has greatly helped me throughout life and I am hoping that my kids will also love reading.
I started Alli with the library's summer reading program and she is doing super! She loves Junie B. Jones and I am trying to find some Amelia Bedelia's for her. She thinks she is a really big girl now because she reads "chapter" books.

The ski resort created a Frisbee golf course down one of the runs. We all had to test it out of course so we took all the kids and they did super great. My shoulders were killing me after hauling my little babes around but so fun and what a great way to spend a summer day.


lovejoys said...

OK that is the funniest thing I've ever seen of you reading in the bath. I totally remember you reading while walking home from school and crinkling the pages while you read. You are nuts.

Allred's said...

great pics. Thanks for sharing. I love the book in the bath!