Sunday, June 28, 2009


OK in the movie Empire Records Renee Zellweger drives one and Johnny Damon from the Red Sox has one. I am a simple girl and it is totally my dream car! I could even take one that is way more beat up than this one. How I would love it!


jen morgan said...

No way man! "Gina" drove a scout in Empire Records!

Sorry, I'm such a pop culture nerd. Also, kind of an old off road vehicle nerd. ;)

So is Ted not on board with this whole bronco thing? It's fun like a motorcycle you can wheel with the whole family, he'd love it!!

Allred's said...

That is so funny, that is my dream car too, it is a 76 scout in Mad Love, but I totally want the orange one so bad

Kathy Schroder's Sass said...

you are so right Jen! Oh well I actually LOVE the scout and the bronco either one would me me sublimely happy.