Friday, June 5, 2009

10-year Anniversary Trip

Sorry there are a lot of pictures but we had a super time and it is our FIRST vacation alone since our honeymoon. (random overnighters don't count) We went down to Marco island in Florida first since Ted had a work thing there for the National Ski Area Association and than we meandered down to the keys and than ended up in Miami. About 9 days away and I wasn't as freaked about being away from the kids as I thought I would, it was super!!

OK I am NOT really going to the bathroom I am just posing for this because this weird room we had in Key West didn't have a door to the bathroom. I guess it brings a couple closer together.

I couldn't resist!!

Checking out the church in Key West

My pirate lover!

Chillin and listening to a band play while eating dinner

We got our littly scooty scoot in Key West and there is no other way to see the island it was the best!!

The view from our fancy hotel in Marco Island

Another view it was super lovely even though I stepped on a sting ray on that beach. Shuffle your feet in the sand they say, oh well.

I'm a kook I loved this. It doesn't take much to entertain me.

I guess I am REALLY not used to this but they hit alligators on the road like they hit deer in my neck of the woods I just thought it was really weird. People would also sit on the banks and fish next to them it creeped me out!!


jen morgan said...

Yay! I've been waiting for a trip report. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I love the rooster video the most. Does that make me crazy?

Allred's said...

Crocodile road kill, super random. You guys looked like you were really having some fun. I love the scooter idea, I wanna race you on scooters. Hey and what's with the sexy cleavage and hot mamma pose?? Your shirt with the big buttons rocks, and by the way, I am glad the blonde Kathy is back, she's fun!!

lovejoys said...

You look so good. I love the cleavage shot. The Road Kill and rooster bit was awesome. It seemed like you were in Mexico or something of the sort. It looked like you had a great time. Congrats on 10 years.

Heather's Blog said...

I'm from Georgia and have never seen a dead alligator on the side of the road! How weird. I'm glad you guys took a trip together.

Diane said...

Look at you! All seductive on the balcony! Only you could put a strip show and a church picture together and have it seem normal.