Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ryker Rugrat

Well my little boy Ryker is starting to crawl and is 9 months old. Here is a little video of it. Please look away from me getting mad and reprimanding my daughter. I am always working on my patience, if you are a mother I'm sure you will understand. Ryker is such a sweet little guy. Sleeps well through the night and for naptimes and loves to shriek when he wants his food. I am still waiting for some Hungry, Hungry Hippo marbles to return to us via his poop but all in all his is a super baby and has made our life more fun. We love you Ryker!


Darci said...

He is so cute!! Can you believe how fast they grow. Take Care

Mrs. T said...

Stop torturing this baby and bring him to me right now!!! I gotta' have me some of that!!!

Allred's said...

Please take some pics of the poo when those marbles show up, I can't wait to see!! Ryker is such a cutie pie. I love his little smile.