Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hate this tagging crapola!

8 Things I Did Today:
1. Went running and did abs
2. Danced around with Porter and gave out Skittles for peeing in the potty
3. Bought costumes for me and Ted for Halloween(we're both bar wenches)
4. Went to story time at the library for a Halloween shindig
5. Played at the park with Porter
6. Read my dad's bio on how he converted a man to the church in the army and who later ended up with a big article in the Ensign
7. Shopped at Wal-mart for food and other essentials(that felt like my whole day)
8. Had time to freakin blog

8 Shows I Love:(I don't watch much nighttime tv anymore, kids ya know)
1. Jon and Kate Plus 8(I think that her and I should be friends)
2. Forensic Files(I'm a nerd)
3. Cold Case Files(Double Nerd)
4. Snapped(I'm also a crazy woman)
6. Roseanne(she makes me laugh alright)
7. First 15 minutes of The View(I just like Hot Topics)
8. Friends(will always love them)

8 Restaurants I Love:
1. Olive Garden
2. Pizza Hut(I love a pan crust)
3. Johnny Carrinos
4. Fazoli's(I guess this is all Italian??)
5. Chili's
6. Texas Roadhouse(This hot rolls for sure)
7. Quizno's
8. El Toro Viejo(logan, UT)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. My final weigh-in tomorrow to see if I won my weight loss competition
2. Having 1 week off to eat a little candy and junk before starting another competition
3. Halloween of course!!
4. Getting my dog fixed on Thursday(I sure as heck hope it will stop him from peeing all over the freakin house!!)
5. Learning how to ski better this year and keep up with Alli
6. The opening night of the movie "Twilight" we are having a major girls night out with dinner and everything. It's going to be fun.
7. Election day, get out there people
8. My 10 year anniversay. I know its far but I want to do a trip in August so bad for it.

8 Things I Am Wishing For:
1. That I could lose weight faster....please!!
2. That I could balance my time better between keeping the house clean and spending time with my kids.
3. That Porter was pottytrained like now!
4. My baby Ryker would sleep through the night like now!!
5. To feel contentment with who I am no matter what
6. That my food supply was up to par
7. That I lived closer to my sister Connie, I just love her loads!
8. That my kids will feel confident in their principles and be able to overcome the influence of the world(that last one was a biggie)


Amy Allred said...

I can't believe you didn't love our time at wal-mart....and then Los Corrales wasn't on your top 8 ...what I thought you loved that place. Good luck today with your weigh in.

kelly said...

I am so glad to learn a little more about you. Thanks for responding to the tag. How can I get into your next weight loss competition? Is it open to anyone? What are the rules?