Monday, August 11, 2008

Our 9 year anniversary just came and went on the 7th. Ted spent the night in the hospital with Alli but he still managed to remember to bring me flowers. I reflect back on the person that I was when I first got married. An innocent and naive 22-year old with no idea of what marriage really is. I still work every day to not scream and yell and to tell him to please pick up his own clothes for heavens sake! I think at that age was I wise enough to make such a disease? Do I know enough or have I experienced enough. I have decided it doesn't matter how much you think you know someone. Until you marry them you will never understand what it is about. I think that with marriage you will never be more miserable in you life and you won't ever be any happpier. I'm still learning every day to become more accepting and forgiving and to... well to not be such a weirdo that my husband has to contend with. (Even though I think he married me for my super weirdness)

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